A dreamer at heart and a Workaholic when is comes to doing what i love.

Hello my name is Douglas Sweeper. I am an aspiring 2D Animator and Illustrator. A Graduate from Art Institute of Atlanta, Class of 2018. Even though I am a 2D Animator, I have dabbled a bit with 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, and Video Editing.

“Why Animation?”

Cartoons…. a lot of people think that cartoons are meant for kids and only kids about sometime kids don’t even know exactly  what they’re looking at. I was amazed as a child by what I saw in animated shows and movies. This lead  me to start drawing myself and later ask about cartoons. What are they, how are they made, what are they for…….which after finding out turned into, Oh My Gosh that’s amazing, People made these with their bare hands and not magic?, I want to do that Too!!  Which later translated into graduating with Honors, attending Art school, getting my Degree, and perusing a career in Animation.  My enthusiasm and acute attention to detail go hand in hand, I am currently working on personal projects and striving to better my craft.

An Idea Man, Observer, and …….an “OPTIMIST”????

They say coming up with new ideas is hard and trying not to do what has already been done, becomes difficult as time passes. Something I like to do is think of one thing and then change it 10 different ways, (I guarantee I have no lack of imagination) and in the end I wide up with 3-4 ideas that are better than the original.

What makes all of us different are our thoughts, perceptions, reactions, and just how differently we all handle similar situations. Being a visual learner does help when it comes to completing tasks, but seeing multiple people do different things and winding up with the same result is fascinating. This ultimately  comes in handy when looking for ways to improve as well as maximizing efficiency.

Dwelling on negative thoughts can put certain people on edge, depressed, or even make them doubtful of their own abilities. Hoping there is a brighter day in dark times can be seen as foolish but doing nothing about it is even worse. You can wish and hope all you want and it either it may or may not happen, (a 50/50  or sometimes a 1/100 chance I’m not willing to take) but going out and making your wishes come true, making sure that your dreams see the light of that brighter day………..that’s what I’m after.